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I can offer you healing or spiritual session 
both online and meeting in Højbjerg


I start with Reiki healing, and see if you need some particular support from the spirit world. 
It may include, Reiki healing, Karmic healing, Epigenetic healing, Spiritual healing, Engel healing, it all depends on what your theme for healing is on the day.   




Spiritual session with your dear ones in the spirit world

The spirits who come through in the session with Kaori
are someone you knew here on earth and shared some time in your life together,
e.g. your family, friends, schoolmates, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors, etc.
They come and share memories with you,
and give loving greetings or  message
that is useful for your current
situation right now.

Private session on Zoom / Facetime / phone / Attendance 45 minutes 

available in English, Japanese and Danish

Spiritual assessment:
guidance about you and your situation in your life

Spiritual session :
Greetings from your dear ones


I invite someone you know in the spiritual world and I describe about him or her and whatever  I get to know. I do not need to know anything about you or your loved ones in advance, nor why you have come to the session.

You can answer Yes, no, or I do not know, for the first time,
as I must focus on the fact that I can convey everything I feel from the spirits,
and come up with “evidence” that you can only recognize.

Later in the session you can ask a question. 😉

If you have a specific person you want to meet,
you can send loving thoughts to that person before the session.

We can not order the person in the spiritual world,
but since they have intelligence,
there will often be someone who will provide the care, love, advice or support
that the recipient needs right now.

So be open to opportunities. 🙂

Ethics: I do not tuen ind a living person who is not present,
nor do I forse illness and death in the future.  
I believe that future will be created by present mind and action. 


Do you have any questions regarding. session, please feel free to write to me.

Booking: http://kaoriegholm.dk/?page_id=1930

Price: http://kaoriegholm.dk/?page_id=25